Monday, March 26, 2007

Why many Police commit suicide by his shoot gun

by Wahyuana

Jakarta - Police Brigadir Fadli Mondra, member brigade mobile police special force (Brimob) of West Sumatra, today (20/3) shooting his gun to himself. Two bullets was precise hit his chin and he dies some minutes then. Quoted from his police friend’s said that Brigadir Fadli is surfer stresses because his wife gets nephritis annually without any resolution.

This is adding chain many cases on police commit suicide in last a months. Last week at Semarang City police, Central Java, a brigadier police also shooting his superior police by his gun and some minutes then he is doing commit suicide by himself shooting.

On two week ago, Brigadir Rifa’i at Bangkalan, Madura, was shooting himself by his gun after he shoot dead to four his close friend in his home, it’s because he is very jealously that someone of them have affair with his wife.

Another case a week ago at Bandung, West Java, Brigadir Sofyan, was shooting himself because he was bungle use his gun. Two bullets were shot and hit his neck himself.

Quoted from, Bambang Widodo Umar, an expert police, said that Indonesian police working in high level stress because they are overloaded on the job. “They are must be played the part as a security guard and also have job as a law enforcer,” said Bambang. He is proposes to the police body to make routine psychological test every three months to all's police member. ***

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