Thursday, March 20, 2008

Highest Bird Flu Death Toll 105

By Wahyuana

Jakarta – Muhammad Andika, baby 3 years, has died on Saturday last week by avian influenza, said official of health ministry. The case is bringing Indonesia to be world highest cases of bird flu to 105 death tolls of 129 cases.

Indonesian health ministry's director general for illness control and environmental health I Nyoman Kandun said on Sunday that all examinations on the blood samples of the boy's had showed that he was contracted by H5N1 virus.

"Based on laboratory test of the Eijkman Biological Molecular Laboratory and the Research and Development Laboratory of Health Ministry Body has indicated that he is positively invected avian influenza," said I Nyoman Kadun.

The boy lived with his family at Kebayoran Lama District, South Jakarta. Andika starting sick on February 5, 2008 with number indications are feverish, coughing and asphyxia. After tens days under hospitalized he is dies on February 16, 2006 at Persahabatan Hospital, West Jakarta.

Based on field investigation of the Environmental Health and Illness Control Bureau of Health Ministry were fund any 5-6 the chicken butchery and collecting place at around his family house.

Last week on February 10, 2008, APP –a nickname of 16 years teenager boy has died at Dr. Moewardi hospital at Solo, Central Java –around 477 kilometres east Jakarta. Test laboratory by health ministry department said he has invected H5N1 virus. Local health ministry official said a day before sick is 5 chickens at around his house were dies and he was slaughter some chickens leaving.

Indonesia is highest country hit bird flu since avian influenza attack across Asian 2003. About 105 peoples were dies of 129 bird flu cases spreading across country. Jakarta Capital, West Java Province, Banten Province, East Java Province and Central Java Province are most attached.

More than 225 people have died worldwide from attach the virus, according to the World Health Organization's Web site.

Indonesia is tropical country that the virus is adaptive to grow up and spreading. With the population is large poor, the traditional poultry is well income for the common peoples.

Indonesia was planed to budgeting more than US $ 61 millions to handle this pandemic for 2008 run.***

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