Saturday, April 23, 2005

Nahlan, Oblivion at List of Poorest Peoples

by Wahyuana

Muhammad Nahlan (48) resident of RT 02/RW 02 of Sumur Batu sub
district, around 500 meter from Bantar Gebang dumps area, very
appreciative when he heard would been accept a card of health

So that, when he was ordered by a head of community (Ketua RT) if
order to will come to a ceremony for launching of new national program
by minister of health, a Guarantee of Health Service Program for the
Poorest Peoples (JPKMM), at Bantar Gebang district office, on Monday,
March. 28, he so very glad.

On that was day, he choose to wearing his best clothes to come the
ceremony. Because he would be got honour as a receiver the health
insurance card that given directly by minister of health, Siti

But on the ceremony, his role was the change. He wasn't got honour to
meeting direct with minister. But he got the new job to serving
interview of a lot of journalist about his opinion for this new
program. He also asked to tell a story about his family by

"Of course I give a good stories on interview about this new program.
And I also tell a story about the true my family that truly poor.
Because I really have a hope the program could be help my family,"
said Nahlan

A week after event, when I am comeback to visit his
house, he said, "that is a fable ceremony. Hitherto I not yet accepted
the health insurance card. I had been feeling the lied"

Confession Nahlan's make me have been surprised. He has
angrier and to be hate to media and journalist. "I had given
interview to six journalist but nothing that help me. I not yet got
insurance card until now," he said.

When I went to checked it to Sumur Batu sub district office,
really, name of Nahlan nothing noted at list of receiver of health

Royani, Sumur Batu sub district official of social prosperity section,
said, Nahlan not any at the list, but we will entered him to next
month program because the record keeping unfinished.

At list, any 831 peoples of at least 5.000 resident of Sumur Batu sub
district that get the health insurance of cards. According Royani,
until one week after the ceremony, just only seven cards that had
given to owners. He apologize, if he working alone for the job, and
still busy to collecting new data.

Royani said, to determine who's is entitled to get insurance card, he
ask to a list of poorest family to every a head of community of Sumur
Batu. "Nahlan can contact his head of community in order entered to
list of candidate of receiver of insurance card," added Royani.

Nahlan, very hope he will immediately get card of health insurance.
His wife, Tamah bin Antar (40) have eighteen-month suffer a bizarre
disease. Her posterior and arm have often incurred convulsive, like as
a sufferer epilepsy. He was brought his wife two times to a
traditional medicine man in Banten, west Java. And sometimes, Tamah
makes self a traditional herb. But us tried didn't brought to convalesce.

Nahlan, didn't have braveries to brought his wife to hospital, because
did't have money, he said.

Everyday, he just working as scavenger or sometimes as a field hand. He
lived with his four children's, Hamdan (20), Ahmad Depi (17), Ahmad
Darwis (15), and Pona'ah (12) and his mother Ocih (60). At a small
house around 40 meter squares, with three of bedroom and a live room
that also have function as restroom. His house stand up above land of
around 150 meter squares, inheritance from his parent. Nothing the
house wares worth at his home, just only a bed bamboo and a set guest
desk. His house has having walls of bamboo with ground floor of land.

Nahlan family haven't a modern appurtenances. Everyday his wife and
his mother has been cook by firewood at a kitchen of from away of
back of the house. "Since two years ago, I had never again to bought
kerosene," said Tammah.

Nahlan just have a bicycle and a sewing machine brand of Singer, but
his sewing machine was broken. Long time ago, he works as sewer of
sackcloth from scavengers. But now, he has unemployed.

He has not routine income. Sometimes he works as a field hand and get
salary Rp. 7.000 – 12.000 per day. Now, he had debt Rp. 4 million to
neighbors that have one year not been paid. He hasn't bad habit, like
drunk or gambling.

His children's has nothing that to go to school, only the third
children, Ahmad Darwis that finished from elementary school. His
first-born, Hamdan, not have routine activity, he sometimes work as a
freelance religious teacher at Islamic boarding school at Sumur Batu.

"He was growing of weakness because often sick. He suffer gastritis,"
said Nahlan about his first son, Hamdan.

Mother Nahlan, Ocih (60), since ten years ago, suffering a tumor in
her face. At her above of nose has any a bump of tumor that has size
as equal of a tennis ball. " I don't feel achy," said Ocih, everyday
she remain have many activities. Because Ocih never have complained,
Nahlan never have brought his mother to medicine treatment.

Nahlan children's another is true often suffering various diseases,
mainly Ispa (Infeksi Saluran Pernapasan) –bronchi infection. His
house just around 500 meters from Bantar Gebang dumps, that releasing
high air pollutant and smelly which disturb respiration.

Everyday, at least 6.000-ton garbage wasted at the dumps from the Jakarta city greater.

Based of research of Bekasi health agency, resident at around Bantar
Gebang easy to incurred diseases like bronchi infection, gastritis,
diarrhea, typhus, and tuberculosis.

During the time, if any his family is sick, Nahlan seldom bring of
them to medicine to doctor or to the community health service. He is
like better to bring of them to a medicine man or curable with
traditional herbs or nostrum.

"I don't have money for cost transportation," said Nahlan.

As long as his life, Nahlan just only has twice to the local community
health service, the first when he sick rheumatics and the second when he
brought his wife to medical check up.

"Its true I get of free charge service when I gone at the community
health service, but I remain must be cover high transports cost," said Nahlan.

Last year, he bring his wife to take medication to Cipto Mangunkusumo
General Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta, he must be release money about Rp.
300.000 for of cost transportation and to buy drugs for medicine shop.
Since that, he has never again to take his wife to get treatment

Though have a lot of program to assist the poorest peoples, Nahlan
said, if during the time he never gets aids from various program.

Besides program of the health insurance card, the poorest families at
Sumur Batu also getting aid the free rice for the poorest families
program (Raskin-Beras untuk keluarga Miskin). " Every month to every
poorest families getting 20 kilogram rice of free charge," said
Royani, official Sumur Batu sub district. Really, Nahlan also not
noted at the list poorest of families for the program. Any 624
families at the list resident Sumur Batu has getting the program
Raskin. "Sory, Nahlan not yet registered," said Royani.

Nahlan, also just a time getting money from dumps compensation Rp.
50.000 of dues per monthly for Bantar Gebang dumps management.

Peoples like of Nahlan, very hope of various aids program will reach
of them. But, really he has always oblivion of a lot record keeping
which every so often is not valid.

Nahlan is native resident of Sumur Batu sub district. There are also
still about 5.000 scavengers at Bantar Gebang dumps, which also have
the rights to get a card of health insurance from JPKMM program. They
are generally not counted at statistic. ***

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